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Supporting your growth with a high caliber expert

We help growing companies strengthen their teams with highly specialized outsourced resources in HR, Recruitment and Sales Operations.
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Our expertise

Head of People

Ultra-experienced and immediately operational HR managers who can support you in the day-to-day and strategic management of your human resources.


Stand-In recruiters available on-demand. Give yourself more flexibility to carry out your recruitment plan with an embedded recruiter as part of your team for a one-off or long-term assignment.

Sales Operations

Improve sales management and performance. Build a growth strategy, enhance sales processes and CRM utilisation.  Focus on accurate sales data to drive upselling, meticulous tracking and informed business growth tracking.

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Our consultants are able to adapt to any kind of situation

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When you activate a transition or a replacement 
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When you need help ahead of a strategic recruitment
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When you need to upskill an existing team
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When you need to develop your team
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When you need help on a specific project
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Why work with us ?

Expertise & Objectivity
Our senior experts are deeply attuned to your business environment and will help you meet the challenges you face.
Flexibility & Speed
Our experts are available immediately, and our contracts are flexible. Guaranteed project continuity without a heavy or risky commitment.
Save time & Optimize costs
We offers a turnkey solution that lets you concentrate on the essentials.

Elevate your team with highly specialized, expert resources

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